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For Mods of 20in20 groups
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Welcome to mod_20in20. This is a community for people who moderate and participate in the various 20in20 icontests/communities. The idea for this group came from mod_stillness and mod_lims. Since 20in20 comms are popping up all over the place now, I figured it would be great to get a group for the mods/participants of those types of communities

What is a 20in20 community?
The idea for a 20in20 community first came about with celeb20in20. The mods there decided to format their contest around a game on the tv show Rove Live, where contestants could win $20 in 20 seconds by answering questions. The idea of the group is to take a character/tv show/movie/object and make 20 icons in 20 days using themes and categories provided by the moderator. Each round includes 10 themes (1 icon each), 1 Category (5 icons) and 5 Artist's Choice icons = 20 icons. Voting is generally a week long and is a little more involved than most groups. There are usually many winners per round.

So you want to make a 20in20 community, what do you do?
Make sure that the community you want to create isn't already on the list below. Create the community. A lot of new communities have taken their rules from celeb20in20, and have tweaked them some to fit their community. However, I suggest that you credit celeb20in20 for the idea/rules/etc. Also, a basic understanding of html (specifically tables), polls, etc is always helpful.

Once you have created your community, make a post to this community so that it can be added to the master list.

What do the moderators of a 20in20 community post here?
As long as it deals with running your community, it is allowed:

- Discuss moderator questions, like voting methods, voting/challenge schedules, layout suggestions.
- Need advice on dealing with a rule breaker/cheater?
- Did you discover a cheater/troll in your community? Share it here with us, let everyone know about it so they can keep a look out in their communities.
- Want to learn how to make/find better screen caps?
- Need help figuring out themes for your challenge?
- Are you looking for communities to affiliate with?
- Need someone to make some screen caps or winner/award banners for you?
- Do you need a co-mod or someone to take over your 20in20 community?
- And much more...

It is also encouraged to post banners with your posts. Every one loves shiny pictures! :) As long as they aren't bigger than 400x400px.

What if I need voters?
There are several groups that can also help with votes including: icontest_needs and icvotelove. However, we will not begrudge you asking for any help here :)

What if I'm not a mod of a 20in20 community?
You may post questions, concerns regarding the challenge. Please be polite when posing concerns. Everyone here is to behave like a mature adult. We do not allow bashing, criticizing, or hating.

It is preferable that you only post your 20in20 groups here as there is mod_stillness for stillness comms and mod_lims for lims comms. But, it's alright if you post your other groups along with 20in20 groups.

READ: If you would like your community listed below, you will need to make a post with the following information:

Here is a list of the categories:

Television Shows - "the theme of your community here"
Movies/Books - "the theme of your community here"
Celebrities - "the theme of your community here"
Relationships - "the theme of your community here"
Music/Bands/Singers - "the theme of your community here"
Other - "the theme of your community here"

Of course you should check the list first and see if your community is already listed there.

NOTE: The list will be cleaned up once a month. If your community is showing up as deleted, it will be removed from the list. If it is reinstated, you must make another post to have it added again.

Moderator: lukecanwaltz88
Layout/Profile Codes Credit: Layout: ginandscotch, Profile: milou_veronica

To see a list of our affiliates, Click here
Do you want to affiliate with mod_20in20? Leave a comment HERE

This list was last updated on September 27, 2010. The communities are listed alphabetically and under the appropriate category.


Television Shows
Community Mod(s)
20in20friends ashmazing88, lukecanwaltz88
abnormal20in20 jenniferjensen
ashes20in20 theanonsisters
bleach_20in20 massivecrisis
bones20in20 vamp926, starshines
bsg_20in20 kiara99, meredith44, skieswideopen
btvs20in20 emmz13, coffee_in_bed_1, diddymus
carter20in20 narniacmr, scifigeek17
castle20in20 digitaldesigner
chuck20in20 wickedvengeance
crimeshow20in20 love_kate_walsh
crimintent20n20 untapdtreasure
doctorwho20in20 dragonflyopera, mrsdianablack, hauteurs, arenee1999, 8m57w6, alata_elentari
dorama20in20 lalita_b
farscape_20in20 regularamanda
finales20in20 scarlettm00n
fringe20in20 heimedall, vamp926, muses_mistress
gate_eps20in20 regularamanda
gilmore20in20 lorespuff
glee20in20 heimedall, vamp926, muses_mistress
gossipg20in20 n_iinza
greys20in20 cinnamonstreet
haven20in20 sczep84
heroes20in20 thilia, chosenfire28, just_discover
himym20in20 lukecanwaltz88
lots20in20 miss_atom, nowgold
lovebites20in20 gigi737, just_miya, kerryleanne
merlin20in20 heimedall, vamp926, muses_mistress, penelope_ziva
merlincast2020 wandererjulia, nicolemissing
ncis20in20 imacartwright, vamp926, sleepwalker1015, karababe64
private20in20 cinnamonstreet
rizz_isles20n20 annaxbanana
sanctuary20in20 myfloralbonnet,beth_soprano, luckiestxclover
season20in20 immortalje, dani_meows
sherlock20in20 theotherayn
skins20in20 yeahyeahjess, thilia, persiascarecrow
smvl20in20 moonshinefaerie, revivingophelia
sprntrl20in20 wickedvengeance
stargate20in20 regularamanda, wickedvengeance
startrek20in20 regularamanda, shadowsong_13
teenshows20in20 sunshineangel89
thebau20in20 failegaidin
trueblood20in20 adb777, karinmcr
tudors20in20 wandererjulia,nicolemissing
tv20in20 evolretsalp, aquietmess, kirrilee_t, juliet42, highshelf
tvcharacter20 hermionesparkle
tvcrush20in20 ale_skyz
vmars20in20 luckiestxclover
wcollar20in20 arenee1999
whedon20in20 faeriesfolly, marshmallow
whocast20in20 mistressssnakey
whoverse20in20 xheartrockx, one_dreamery
xfiles20in20 untapdtreasure, vamp926,penelope_ziva, chuck_charles

Community Mod(s)
austen20in20 winterlillies
cinema20in20 sequinia
fiction20in20 satsun29
film20in20 revivingophelia
hp20in20 narniacmr,smblack, dragonflyopera, fliortia
inception20in20 cchellezz, madcowre
lotr20in20 jadetiger712
movie20in20 jane948, hermionesparkle
starwars20in20 regularamanda
twi20in20 narniacmr

Community Mod(s)
actors20in20 anaklazaro
agreene20in20 lellamd
brunette20in20 jillrenay
caccola20in20 sopolite
celeb20in20 quiddity_
celebs20in20 gigi737, how_we_fade
dianna20in20 x_x_emilina
ederavin20in20 sopolite
female20in20 kayestar
gals20in20 akkas_journal, kirrilee_t, justonebeat
garterton20in20 nicolemissing, sopolite
gleecast20in20 mother_chucker3
greyscast20in20 cinnamonstreet
guesswho20in20 kassieland
guys20in20 sparklingeye, csichick_2
hpcast20in20 thilia
iansomer20in20 feeltherain
kstew20in20 anaklazaro
lgraham20in20 lorespuff
leamichele2020 sarina87
likewine20in20 sczep84
margh20in20 rockcliffchic81
model20in20 whatever_freak
ndobrev20in20 sopolite
rathbone20in20 calin_durus, kaylana_xx, alicelover05, ibinitch, zq_mf
redhead20in20 akkas_journal, flyingpanther, kayestar, kirrilee_t
rpattz20in20 anaklazaro, charrmcullen
seyfried_20in20 satsun29
tapping20in20 boxeddreams
twicast20in20 how_we_fade, onlyalive8

Community Mod(s)
couples20in20 xxlov3ly
pairing20in20 revivingophelia
robsten20in20 robsessedmeisje, xoaubeox, stalkerofkris, flurioes
scifipair20in20 regularamanda
shipper20in20 scarlettm00n
slash20in20 luckweaver, von_gelmini

Community Mod(s)
30stm20in20 cinnamonstreet, step86
gaga20in20 wickedvengeance
musicians20in20 apricotsvea, breakinglocks
musicvid20in20 ashmazing88, anaklazaro, meloco08
swift20in20 lily_in_thorns, jillrenay
toho20in20 thilia, dylansbuzz

Community Mod(s)
anime20in20 just_miya
bamf20in20 stillamempty
brutal20in20 flyingpanther
character20n20 setentpet
childhood20in20 hermionesparkle
comedy20in20 fanelia_angel,lukecanwaltz88
costume20in20 winterlillies
disney2020 caramelmilk_t
drama20in20 fanelia_angel
dramedy20in20 lukecanwaltz88,annaxbanana
episode20in20 nowgold,faeriesfolly
every20in20 youd_bsurprised, sczep84
fandom20in20 an_ardent_rain
fandoms20in20 mistressssnakey
fantasy20in20 hopeitallaway
femme20in20 moonshinefaerie
ff20in20 gunshou
free20in20 hermionesparkle
hbic20in20 annaxbanana, lukecanwaltz88
ilove20in20 n7of9, badjujuboo
kpop20in20 chapstik, kigae, teukchul, xinliyoushu
obsession20in20 12feethigh
op20in20 cuethe_pulse
recast20in20 akkas_journal
scifi20in20 deternot
stock20in20 czarnalukrecja, lady_kingsley, nicole_nut, sweetrapture82
terminator20n20 deternot
theme20in20 moonshinefaerie, revivingophelia, sweetrapture82
vampires20in20 julie_izumi
versus20in20 arabella
vintage20in20 nouettes
vg20in20 furious
wrestling20in20 scarlet_braids
yourchoice20n20 jessicaim